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May 14, 2024

Why Every Realtor Needs a Title & Closing Partner

Partnering with a title and closing company may be your secret weapon for better serving your clients. Learn more about these benefits.
Happy clients at real estate closing
Mar 04, 2024

Best Practices for Even Better Closings

Everyone wants to have an outstanding closing experience, but not every agent knows how to do this. Our guide lets you in on some best practices for better closings.
Man taking steps to his real estate closing
Feb 14, 2024

10 Steps from Contract to Closing Day

Wouldn’t it be great if you could close on a home instantly? But a lot has to happen behind the scenes to close a home sale. Learn more in our helpful guide.
Notary tools remote online notary
Nov 01, 2023

Notary Basics

We prioritize knowledge and expertise to ensure exceptional service in every transaction. A crucial aspect of this is understanding the foundations of notary…
Buyer seller impersonation
Sep 21, 2023

Preventing Seller Impersonation Fraud

It can be difficult to keep up with industry trends and new types of fraud. Check out our guide to seller impersonation fraud to protect yourself and your clients.
Red flag for prelim title report
Sep 04, 2023

Ordering a Preliminary Title Report

Got a complicated listing? A preliminary title report may be the tool you need to prevent closing delays and improve your client’s experience.
Woman signing an earnest money check
Aug 24, 2023

Your Guide to Earnest Money Deposits

Discover the benefits of digital earnest money deposits for realtors and homebuyers, ensuring smoother and stress-free closings with our comprehensive guide.
Man who made closing mistake
Jul 17, 2023

Avoid These 6 Mistakes Before Closing

Closing delays are stressful and frustrating. But some delays are avoidable. Help your clients close on time by educating them on these six common closing mistakes.
Realtor reviewing closing disclosure
Jun 19, 2023

Reading and Understanding the Closing Disclosure

It’s easy to get bogged down in paperwork at closing, but the closing disclosure is one closing document you and your clients should never ignore. Learn more.
Money for closing costs
May 26, 2023

FAQ About Closing Costs

How much do you really know about closing costs? To clear up the confusion, Michelle Earle answers some of our most common questions about closing costs in Alabama.
Choose your title company
Apr 20, 2023

How to Choose a Title Company

Because a title company is a key part of your real estate transactions, you need to choose one that’s going to serve your clients well. Do you know what to look for?
Realtor planning goals and professional development
Mar 08, 2023

How to Grow as a Realtor with Training and Systems

Looking to grow both personally and professionally as a realtor? Birmingham realtor Leigh Cound shares her thoughts on training, systems, and habits for growth.
Realtor with happy clients
Feb 27, 2023

Looking to Better Serve Your Clients? Try These Simple Strategies.

Don’t let the slower market get you down. Now is the perfect time to work on improving your service to clients. Birmingham realtor David Mackle shares his tips.
Files for real estate closing
Feb 07, 2023

Closing Documents 101

Have you ever wondered what's really in all of those closing documents? Haley Taylor, Closing Processor at South Oak, explains everything you need to know.
Real estate closing at south oak
Nov 18, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Closing at South Oak

Got questions about an upcoming closing? We've designed a helpful guide to closing at South Oak for realtors and their clients to keep closing day stress-free.
Realtors using qualia and asking questions
Sep 27, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about Qualia

With any new technology, there are going to be questions. We’re tackling the most common questions about Qualia to make your user experience even better.
Reo property in alabama
Jun 27, 2022

Your Guide to REO Properties in Alabama

REO properties are on the rise in Alabama after the moratorium on foreclosures was lifted last fall. Refresh your knowledge with our guide to bank-owned homes.
Two women starting a real estate team
May 26, 2022

Maybe It's Time to Start Your Own Real Estate Team

Do you have what it takes to start a real estate team? Check out our guide to starting your own team to see if it's time to make that leap.
Man consideirng real estate team
May 05, 2022

Essential Questions to Ask Before Joining a Real Estate Team

Think joining a real estate team is the right move for you? Before joining, you need to ask yourself and your prospective team several essential questions.
Realtor team image1
Apr 18, 2022

Is a Real Estate Team Right for You?

Joining a real estate team might have huge benefits for your business as a realtor. We're discussing seven ways joining a team might help you out.
Joint title and closing company
Dec 15, 2021

Surprising Advantages to Using a Title & Closing Company

While it may seem logical to keep title and closing separate, there are actually several advantages to having your title and closing company in the same place.
Owners title insurance hero
Sep 15, 2021

A Realtor's Guide to Owner's Title Insurance

Title insurance options can be confusing, so we've put together a guide to help realtors better understand their client’s options for standard and enhanced owner's policies.
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Aug 09, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a simple way to close on time when a homeowner can’t be at closing. Check out our FAQ for using a POA at your real estate closing.
four women at closing table at south oak title
Jul 22, 2021

Want a more enjoyable closing day? Try these four tips.

As a realtor, there are things you can do to make closing day more enjoyable. Read more to discover our four tips for a better closing experience.
Virtual home contract signing
Jul 05, 2021

Flexible closing options at South Oak

Curious about our closing options at South Oak? We offer video closings, mail-away closings, drive-by closings, and travel closings for your convenience.
Smooth closing realtors and clients shaking hands
May 27, 2021

Simple habits for smoother closings

Smooth closings don't happen by accident. But with a few simple habits, you can set yourself for smooth closings, even with the most complicated title situations.
Closing table
May 13, 2021

Top 10 real estate deal killers (and what you can do to avoid them)

Everyone wants a smooth, on-time closing that’s free of surprises. Do you know the top ten real estate deal killers - and what you can do to prevent them?
Aug 15, 2017

5 Rules Your Buyers Should Follow: They’ll Thank You For It

Buying a house is a huge financial undertaking. It is the largest investment most of us will ever make, which means small differences in how your buyers deal…
Writing notes idea conference
Jan 25, 2017

Selecting a Real Estate Office to Work For: 4 Considerations

When choosing a real estate office to join, finding a brokerage that aligns with your goals is important. There are many great real estate offices, each with…
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Nov 09, 2016

Protecting Non-Public Personal Information

When you hear the word, cybersecurity, you might immediately think of huge catastrophes that affected hundreds or thousands of people; however, cybersecurity…
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Oct 18, 2016

Why Negotiation Skills Matter

Negotiations is the number one, identified skill consumers are looking for in realtors! What we learn from that knowledge is the ability to successfully…
Sep 06, 2016

Choosing the Right Closing Date Can Make a Difference

Your clients are planning to close by the end of the month; but delays have put it in jeopardy. You are now in a bind to find a new closing table. Does this…
Nov 25, 2013

TILA-RESPA Final Rule - How It Impacts You

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has released the new TILA-RESPA final rule.  This rule provides easier to use forms and consumer friendly…