Realtors using qualia and asking questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Qualia

Sep 27, 2022 Realtor Resources , Technology Share:

At South Oak, we’re excited that so many of our agents, lenders, and their clients are using Qualia to save time and streamline the title and closing process. Our hope is that Qualia streamlines the title and closing experience for all our clients.

But with any new technology, there are always questions. We’re addressing some of the most common questions about Qualia to make your user experience even simpler.

Why am I getting a login error when trying to set up my account?

When a user sets up their account with Qualia Connect for the first time, the software will send an email with a link to log in. Occasionally, these users (often buyers or sellers) will receive a notification that their email cannot be validated or that there has been a login error. If your client receives this message, don’t panic: there’s an easy solution.

The easiest thing to do to continue setting up the account is to reset your password. Here's how you do it:

  • Visit
  • Enter your email address and click continue
  • Once you get to the login screen, click "Forgot your password?"
  • Qualia will send a link to reset your password.
  • Follow the instructions in the email to continue setting up your account.

Why do I need to add another app or website to my list of things to remember?

We get it. You have a ton of apps on your phone and even more things you have to remember in a day. And you don’t have to use Qualia Connect to order a title or schedule a closing with South Oak. But we really do think taking the time to set it up and use it is worthwhile. (We promise it’s easy!)

There are several reasons why we think realtors and lenders should use Qualia Connect. But the most important reason to use it is for security. Wire fraud is on the rise, but using Qualia can reduce the risk of fraud during your client’s transaction.

Qualia boasts several security features, including:

  • SOC 2 Type II certification
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • ALTA Pillar 3 certification

Additionally, all South Oak team members utilize 2-factor authentication to protect our clients’ data. Qualia allows you to send sensitive information through a portal that’s far more secure than encrypted email. Using Qualia Connect to communicate and share information with South Oak provides added protection against wire fraud for your clients.

How does Qualia make life easier for agents and lenders?

We know you value security for your clients. But security isn’t the only reason to use Qualia. Qualia Connect is an app that can truly make your life easier.

When you log in to Qualia Connect, you’re able to see all the information you need about a deal: the closer, buyer and seller information, and a progress bar that lets you know the status of your file. You can also securely send and receive information through the portal. You don’t need to make a phone call to see who your closer is or send an email to ask about potential closing delays.

And when you log in, you’re able to see all of your deals at a glance, whether you’re closing one or a hundred with South Oak. You can also set up custom notifications within the app to alert you at certain milestones during the title and closing process.

Are all South Oak offices using Qualia?

Right now, almost all of our offices are using Qualia and Qualia Connect to streamline internal title and closing processes and provide more secure, straightforward communication to our clients. However, Qualia has not yet been implemented at our Gulf Shores office or at our Title Insurance Co. locations in Tennessee.

Agents using one of these locations will need to order a title or schedule a closing using our online form or by emailing Call or email your local office to get an instant closing quote.

Is there an app for Qualia Connect?

Yes! Qualia Connect is available for iOS and Android. The app is great for checking on your closings while on the go. The only difference between the app and the web experience is that it will appear on a smaller screen. Two-factor authentication is required when using a mobile device to access Qualia. You must have a Qualia Connect account to use the Qualia app.

How do I invite an admin to my Qualia account?

Many real estate agents, especially those who work as part of a team, utilize an admin to handle the closing details after contract negotiation is complete. Admins love Qualia because it makes it easy for them to communicate with the title and closing company and take care of tasks such as ordering the termite documents.

It’s very simple to hand off management to your admin; all you need to do is invite them to your team within the app. Adding a team member allows you to maintain security without having to share passwords. Even agents that don’t have an admin can add someone to their team. This is especially helpful for agents who know they’re going to be out of town and plan to have someone else covering for them while they’re gone.

To add a team member, log in to your Qualia Connect account. Then:

  • Go to the menu in the top left of your screen
  • Click "Manage"
  • Click "Invite User" to invite someone to your team
  • Enter your team member's information and email address.
  • Your team member will receive an invite email with instructions.

What should I do if I get a new phone number?

This may seem like a silly question, but if you’re using 2-factor authentication, it is essential to update your Qualia account settings before changing your phone number. You can easily edit your phone number and 2-factor authentication settings within the portal so that authentication texts will be sent to your new number.

If you change your phone number without updating that information in Qualia, there’s a lengthy and complicated process to get you back into your account.

At South Oak, our goal for Qualia is to better serve our customers and make life easier for them and their clients. Don’t hesitate to contact your local South Oak office with questions about Qualia.