Topic Title Insurance

Boy ready to teach about title insurance
Apr 08, 2022

The ABCs of Title Insurance

Need a little refresher on title insurance? We've created this handy reference guide to help you keep track of all the title vocabulary you need to know.
Busy realtor looking at a title commitment
Mar 29, 2022

How to Read a Title Commitment

Yes, you really do need to read that title commitment. Erin McConatha, Title Underwriter at South Oak, shares tips for reading & understanding title commitments.
Joint title and closing company
Dec 15, 2021

Surprising Advantages to Using a Title & Closing Company

While it may seem logical to keep title and closing separate, there are actually several advantages to having your title and closing company in the same place.
Ship moving towards a hidden iceberg risk
Oct 27, 2021

Understanding the Hidden Risks to Your Title

Title insurance protects a homebuyer from the most common hidden risks to a title. Learn more about the hidden risks that can affect your title after closing.