Buyer seller impersonation
Sep 21, 2023

Preventing Seller Impersonation Fraud

It can be difficult to keep up with industry trends and new types of fraud. Check out our guide to seller impersonation fraud to protect yourself and your clients.
Red flag for prelim title report
Sep 04, 2023

Ordering a Preliminary Title Report

Got a complicated listing? A preliminary title report may be the tool you need to prevent closing delays and improve your client’s experience.
Woman signing an earnest money check
Aug 24, 2023

Your Guide to Earnest Money Deposits

Discover the benefits of digital earnest money deposits for realtors and homebuyers, ensuring smoother and stress-free closings with our comprehensive guide.
Man who made closing mistake
Jul 17, 2023

Avoid These 6 Mistakes Before Closing

Closing delays are stressful and frustrating. But some delays are avoidable. Help your clients close on time by educating them on these six common closing mistakes.
Woman at home enjoying property
Jul 03, 2023

Title Insurance: Safeguarding Property Rights

Property rights are certain rights that come with owning real estate. But hidden risks can threaten those rights. Learn more about how to protect those rights.
Realtor reviewing closing disclosure
Jun 19, 2023

Reading and Understanding the Closing Disclosure

It’s easy to get bogged down in paperwork at closing, but the closing disclosure is one closing document you and your clients should never ignore. Learn more.
Money for closing costs
May 26, 2023

FAQ About Closing Costs

How much do you really know about closing costs? To clear up the confusion, Michelle Earle answers some of our most common questions about closing costs in Alabama.
Person signing papers
May 16, 2023

Does Forgery Really Happen? Why You Need Title Insurance.

It may seem like forgery is something that would never happen to you, but you may be surprised to know it’s still a risk to title. Learn more about this hidden risk.
South oak title trussville
Apr 27, 2023

Get to Know our Trussville Closing Attorney

Our Trussville closing attorney, Shami Malone, is dedicated to serving clients and the Trussville community each day. Learn more about her work and her amazing team.
Choose your title company
Apr 20, 2023

How to Choose a Title Company

Because a title company is a key part of your real estate transactions, you need to choose one that’s going to serve your clients well. Do you know what to look for?