Money for closing costs
May 26, 2023

FAQ About Closing Costs

How much do you really know about closing costs? To clear up the confusion, Michelle Earle answers some of our most common questions about closing costs in Alabama.
Person signing papers
May 16, 2023

Does Forgery Really Happen? Why You Need Title Insurance.

It may seem like forgery is something that would never happen to you, but you may be surprised to know it’s still a risk to title. Learn more about this hidden risk.
South oak title trussville
Apr 27, 2023

Get to Know our Trussville Closing Attorney

Our Trussville closing attorney, Shami Malone, is dedicated to serving clients and the Trussville community each day. Learn more about her work and her amazing team.
Choose your title company
Apr 20, 2023

How to Choose a Title Company

Because a title company is a key part of your real estate transactions, you need to choose one that’s going to serve your clients well. Do you know what to look for?
exterior of south oak title and closing in huntsville alabama
Mar 23, 2023

South Oak: The Best Title and Closing Experience in Huntsville

South Oak has brought a new approach to title and closing to North Alabama. Learn what makes South Oak the best place to close on a home in Huntsville.
Realtor planning goals and professional development
Mar 08, 2023

How to Grow as a Realtor with Training and Systems

Looking to grow both personally and professionally as a realtor? Birmingham realtor Leigh Cound shares her thoughts on training, systems, and habits for growth.
Realtor with happy clients
Feb 27, 2023

Looking to Better Serve Your Clients? Try These Simple Strategies.

Don’t let the slower market get you down. Now is the perfect time to work on improving your service to clients. Birmingham realtor David Mackle shares his tips.
Files for real estate closing
Feb 07, 2023

Closing Documents 101

Have you ever wondered what's really in all of those closing documents? Haley Taylor, Closing Processor at South Oak, explains everything you need to know.
Calcuate title insurance cost
Jan 19, 2023

Breaking Down the Cost of Title Insurance

Title insurance isn't a scam. It's an affordable form of insurance that all homebuyers should have. In our article, we're breaking down the cost of title insurance.
Values title closing company
Dec 29, 2022

5 Core Values at South Oak

At South Oak, our values drive our business and allow us to provide the best title and closing experience in town. Learn more about our values and their impact.