Team South Oak: Get to Know Karen Sugita

Jun 20, 2018 Team South Oak Share:

Karen Sugita is a closer in our Birmingham location. She grew up in Pinson, Alabama but lived in Kentucky for 21 years. That is where she met her husband who is from Tokyo, Japan. She has three children; Nico (11), Kai (9) and Emi (7). They moved to Trussville in October 2016. If she could have one superpower it would be to fly so she doesn't have to sit in traffic. Her strangest talent is car karaoke. Her favorite store is Home Goods and in her spare time she loves to read. Her strangest phobia is walking down the stairs with no hands. Three things left on her bucket list are to watch her kids graduate college, watch them get married and to travel to Europe. We are so lucky to have Karen on our team!