Team South Oak: Get to Know Dawn Moore Braddock

Jun 19, 2018 Team South Oak Share:

Dawn Moore Braddock serves as our Director of Client Development. She loves God first and foremost, graduated with a psychology degree, which she says, "is perfect for the real estate industry," and loves to drink wine. She has 14-year-old b/g twins, 17-year-old stepson and a 20-year-old stepdaughter, and she married the most precious man in May 2017. Her childhood nickname was Pokey because she would often fall asleep at the dinner table because she ate too slow. If she could choose a movie title for the story of her life it would be Pretty Woman - minus the occupational choice! Dawn considers herself to be very good at hugging and smiling, and if she could max out her credit card in one store it would be Publix because "a girl's gotta eat!" When asked if how she would spend one "free hour" each day, she responded, "Ha ha ha...a free hour?! In this business? I answered emails on my honeymoon! But in the same breath, I really do love what I do." Her greatest achievement is leading her children to Christ and if could have one superpower it would be the power to heal. When asked what her favorite thing about working for South Oak is she said, "THE PEOPLE; sure everyone says that however, I truly mean it. They've been through a lot with me and I believe in every person who works at South Oak. Everyone brings their own special gifts and we are so very fortunate!" We love having Dawn on our team!