Two women closing at south oak title and closing

Real Estate Closing Services

We are a full-service closing agency, performing real estate closings at nearly twenty locations across the southeast. With locations in Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida, there's a South Oak Title and Closing near you.

Closing Services in Alabama and Florida

We can provide closing services for all real estate transactions, including:

  • Residential closings
  • Commercial closings
  • Investment
  • Refinances
  • Short sales
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
  • Lake properties and homes
  • Vacation homes
  • Luxury real estate
  • Farms
  • Land

No matter what kind of closing services you need, we’re dedicated to providing an outstanding closing experience to everyone involved, including lenders, realtors, buyers, and sellers. Our closers have the expertise you need to ensure that your file is accurate, on time, and compliant with the terms of your contract every single time.

When you close with South Oak, you’ll always receive unmatched customer service. As your real estate concierge, we work with realtors and clients to meet specific closing requests, answer questions, and provide education.

Preparing the Closing Package

Our professional closers have the skill and insight it takes to handle every aspect of even the most complicated closings.

Our closers can assist with items related to closing, including:

  • Property surveys
  • City or municipal letters, as well as sewer letters, fire dues, water dues, and library dues
  • Termite letters
  • HOA letters
  • Document preparation, including deed preparation and power of attorney
  • Tax payoffs
  • Ordering title
  • Clearing title issues
  • Mortgage payoff orders
  • Settlement statements
We're dedicated to ensuring that title issues are cleared and no steps are missed in preparing your closing package.

Flexible Closing Options

With thirteen locations in Alabama and Florida, we can perform real estate closings at an office that’s convenient and near you. We’re also able to accommodate requests for alternative closing options.

  • Video closings: Video closings are currently allowed for our Alabama clients due to Covid-19. To use a video closing, you must be living or working in the state of Alabama at the time of closing. Buyers and sellers are in separate locations, and the closing is conducted virtually.
  • Mail-away closings: Mail-away closings are perfect for clients who have already relocated or for out-of-town investors. Mail-away closings must be requested as soon as the contract and closing are set.
  • Travel closings: Not everyone is able to come to one of our offices for closing. Travel closings bring the closing to our clients. We can conduct travel closings at locations within a reasonable driving distance from one of our offices at a central location such as an office, nursing home, or hospital.
  • Drive-by closings: Drive-by closings are available to both buyers and sellers. Customers who use a drive-by closing simply sign their documents in their car while in the parking lot of one of our South Oak offices.
  • In-office flexibility: We can accommodate requests for closings before or after normal business hours. Sellers who may be relocating before the closing date also have the option to come in before the closing date to sign their documents.

If you need to utilize one of our flexible closing options, please let your local South Oak office know as soon as possible.

Escrow Services

We can provide escrow services as needed for closing. Our offices can hold earnest money in escrow for the following situations:

  • Earnest money or good faith deposits for clients
  • To ensure contractual work is completed to meet the terms of the contract after closing (such as the installation of a new roof or HVAC unit)
  • For estate purchases, to allow time for claims to be filed against the estate

For other questions about our escrow services, contact us.