There’s An App For That: Top 10 Apps for Real Estate Agents

Mar 28, 2017 Realtor Resources , Technology Share:

Technology, tools and apps don’t offer magical power or increased capabilities to bring in more leads for your business. But they can help you leverage your business in ways which were nearly impossible just 10 years ago. Technology levels the playing field for every agent in the market. Today, a local real estate brokerage can compete with any major national brokerage with an office next door. With a mobile phone and a tablet, you can execute contracts, produce a video, create photos and post to social media and maintain and market to your database.

As a real estate professional, you live an on-the-go lifestyle. Apps on your smartphone or tablet can make it easier to keep up with your goals even when you’re out of the office. However, with millions of apps available, it can be difficult to find the ones that offer the most value. To save you time and take out the guesswork, here our list of some of the top apps for real estate pros. Don’t leave home (or sell one) without them!


  1. Refresh can be very helpful with your everyday interactions. It works by connecting everything from your social networks, contacts, calendar and more to bring in the big picture of who you are meeting with, by delivering you insights before each meeting. Or maybe you just want to know more about someone, search their name to locate background information, etc. It’s like searching through multiple social media profiles all from one simple app. Free for iOS
  2. You never know when you are going to get that next property question. RPR Mobile delivers the data and reporting found on the RPR website, directly to your phone. Using RPR Mobile, REALTORS® can use their location to search both on and off market properties, while also uncovering mortgage, historical and distressed data, flood zones, school info and more. Then easily create one of 5 different property and neighborhood reports, each branded with your photo, logo and contact information. As a REALTOR®, there is no cost to use RPR, the system is 100% covered by your NAR member dues. Free for iOS | Free for Android
  3. Charlie App – Building rapport is simpler when you use the info Charlie App finds. This app researches your contacts and sends you information about their interests, company, common connections, news related to them and more.
  4. Scannable - If you use Evernote, you’re going to appreciate this app! Scannable is the newest app from Evernote, and makes saving and sharing scans easy. Just aim the camera, and Scannable immediately identifies business cards, receipts, and other paper items it’s pointed at. The app automatically detects the document edges and then captures it. In regards to the business card scanning, I really like the additional photo and LinkedIn details that it added to the contact records. For now this app is only available for iPhone and iPad, although and Android version is rumored to be in the works.


  1. If you are a fan of Dropbox but looking for more security and control, Box is the perfect app for you. Box provides the ability to view, download, edit and annotate files, and then securely send those files to colleagues or clients anywhere. With Box, you are also able to mark a folder for offline viewing. Free for iOS | Free for Android
  2. When it comes to tax time, Deductr 2 is an app that will help you make tracking tax deductions easy. Use the app to add business income and expenses, log receipts, even track mileage using your phone’s GPS. Then come tax time, use the Deductr website to create a profit & loss report, tax summary, mileage summary and more. Although the app is free, the Deductr Pro service is $19.95 a month or $199 for the year. This can be a small expense given that without proper records, you may pay thousands extra each year in overpaid taxes. Free for iOS | Free for Android
  3. Remembering all of your passwords can be a hassle. And to be safe, each password should be different and secure. So how do you keep track of them all? Introducing Lastpass—a powerful cross platform password manager. The app is a powerful tool, and saves time by allowing you to access and manage passwords wherever you are, and syncs those passwords between your devices. For iOS 8 users, Lastpass integrates directly into Safari as an extension. If you access password-protected sites regularly, you might want to check out their premium service for a $12 annual fee. iOS | Android

Real Estate

  1. Homekeepr: This agent-branded app sends your past clients maintenance reminders for their home. It also allows you to set up a directory of preferred vendors for your client.


  1. Buffer provides a great interface for managing multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. With Buffer, pick what you want to share and set when you want the items to be shared. It’s that easy. Just don’t forget to engage with any replies or comments that come in. Free for iOS | Free for Android
  2. WordSwag – Text is more relatable, digestible, and memorable when you add it to an image. WordSwag is a quick, easy way to add text to your photos. Use this app to add descriptions to listing photos or share inspiring stats, quotes, etc.

Adding one or several of these apps to your business function and daily processes has the potential to make your busy, on-the-go lifestyle as a real estate agent much more simple and efficient. Good luck! J