Must Have Apps For Agents

Feb 01, 2014 Technology Share:

We think there are a lot of great Apps out there. Whether you are a new agent, new Ipad/Iphone user, or someone who thinks they have every app - check out our list and see if your favorite is on there or maybe you'll find a new favorite.

JotNot Pro - This is a Scanning App! So if you have some documents or other items you need in a PDF document, Jot Not lets you take a picture of it and save it various formats including a PDF. Now, not something I want to do with a large amount of docs but a great lifesaver if you are out and about and all you have is your trusty phone or Ipad.

Snapseed - This is a photo editor app and one of our favorites. It lets you tune an image and resave it in your photo album. We've found even the darkest of pictures can be adjusted. Brightness, Contrast, Shadows, Straightening, Cropping can all be done in this app. It also has fun filters like a lot of other apps, but the basic editing offerings are what we love about this app.

Dropbox - If you haven't signed up for a dropbox account for your computer, Do it, it's free. Then you can store any documents, photos or other files you need easy access to in Dropbox. That means when you download their app to your phone and/or tablet you have complete access to the files and can even edit them using the followng apps.

PDF Expert - This is a great app to have on your device that allows you to edit PDF documents. This includes highlighted, writing on, adding a signature.

Documents To Go - This app allows you to view, edit and create Microsoft Office Documents. This includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

South Oak Title - Ok so you don't go to the app store to download it but you can add our website to your homescreen like an app by clicking here. Out site is geared to make your life easy when it comes to quoting your clients closing cost, filling out net sheets, and ordering title & closing. Click on the Title Rates button and you are taken to a slider that effortlessly gives you a title quote based on the price of the home. Click on the Order Title button and you can easily order a preliminary search, title only, closing only or title & closing.