5 Ways To Make Instagram A Useful Tool

Apr 18, 2014 Technology Share:

We live in a visual world. And on the Web, Instagram is the king of visual social media. Some 55 million photos are uploades every day on the site, resulting in 86.4 million comments and 691.2 million users having 'liked' various photos.

“If your strategy includes marketing to Generation Y or Millennials, Instagram is kind of a big deal and a great network to think about,” said Katie Lance, CEO and owner of Katie Lance Consulting, a social media consulting firm.

Lance offers a few tips on how best to utilize Instagram above and beyond posting great pictures (and these apply to Pinterest as well).

  1. Use text over photos: There are a number of apps that can help, such as Picmonkey.com, which allows you to edit photos, enhance them and add text.

  2. Create photo collages: The app Diptic is perfect for creating collages of 2-12 photos. Picmonkey allows you to do this as well.

  3. Create infographics: Infogr.am helps you create infographics, which Lance says is the hottest thing right now. While many market reports show great data, they are not visually appealing. This app takes the content and turns it into much more engaging infographics.

  4. Get analytics. FollowGram.me is a web interface that provides free statistics about who’s clicking and what photos are performing best in your account. It also gives you an opportunity to create albums and organize your photos.

  5. Print things out. Printstagr.am allows you to print your Instagram photos, create books, content cards and magnets. During the holidays, Lance created little gifts for clients by using this site and suggests using this as an opportunity to better connect with clients. Another program called Postagram lets you turn Instagram photos into postcards, which you can then send to clients or potential clients.

Social media is far more than Facebook and Twitter. And compelling photos are among your greatest marketing tools.