Lender Express Quote

Lender Express Quote is our innovative title insurance premium and title services calculator that can be used to calculate fees for generating a Good Faith Estimate for title services throughout the Southeast.

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In an effort to continue to improve our customer’s experience and in light of new RESPA regulations, we are pleased to offer this very useful online rate calculator. Lender Express Quote will allow our lender customers to quickly generate reliable electronic quotes for title service fees, title premiums, recording fees, and transfer taxes. These quotes are easily downloaded and email-compatible in the new lender-friendly GFE format. You can also access your saved quotes at any time.

  • 24/7 availability
  • Built-in geographical intelligence for unique requirements, such as transfer taxes
  • Access to a repository for all quotes generated within a one-year time period
  • Downloadable quotes available on the spot
  • Visual representation showing exactly where the pricing is placed in the Good Faith Estimate